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YOU KNOW WHAT ? i've one story to tell you all. I MISS THE HOPPERS AND AHLI MUZIK.

arghhhhhhhhh !

That story was the best yawwww. sempoi gilee waa ckp sma luu.

HAHA ni lah group THE HOPPERS, dri kiri Gambit, Fungus, Fatul and Bobo.

Yahh first skali Gambit, korg knal kan ? dy skrg da bnyk kali msuk tv. sng ckp dah hot lahh HAHA dy ni ske main kuda, tinju and whateve yg mencabar. wahhhh hebat kan

Fungus plak, dy ni lahh yg plan sume trip nih. dy ni pintar beb, speaking je memanjang.

Fatul, dy nih gilee camera. Sepanjang trip dorg nih, dy asyik pegang camera je. HAHA aku minat gilee gaye dy, selenge jee but simple gilee

And the last is Bobo. HAHA dy ni penyanyi, but most of his song JIWANG dohh

awwww I MISS THEM, kan bagus kalau ada THE HOPPERS AND AHLI MUZIK musim ke-2

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