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ohhhh today is my bad day guys ):

i'm totally not in mood now, but errrr i don't know what i feel now.

actually my mum ask me to cut my hair, oky oky i go to babershop with my dad.

and guess what happened there ? don't know oky oky i story oky. i said ' macha, atas ngn belakang potong skit je, tepi potong pendek '

but but apa macha tu buad, dy potong atas ngn belakang banyak *aku ckp skit kan, dy potong tepi skit je mean panjang ah *aku ckp potong pendek kan

deyyyy macha luuu dlu darjah satu belajar terbalik kaa ?

aaahhhhhh ! because of hair terus tade mood, da lahh banyak gile problem bersesak dlm otak ni. tu nak pikir ni nak pikir !

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